PPJ #3 – Brian Jackson

These last two weeks have been quite the wild ride. In that time, I’ve been designing even more levels for our game and making revisions to ones that have already been implemented into the game.

The first thing I accomplished during this stretch was some revisions to level one. Specifically, I attached pipes leading from the levers to the doors they correspond with. I decided to do this in order to make it easier for the player to identify where the door they just unlocked is.

The second revision I made was to the pre level. Since it didn’t seem like the bear needed much help from the hunter to escape, I added a few more obstacles to make this more of a cooperative puzzle. I added an unbreakable rock slide on the natural path of the level, making it impossible for the hunter to easily escape. I also added a small crawlspace to the level so that the hunter could escape his side of the level. Lastly, I added a door and a button that blocks off the bear’s side, making it impossible for the bear to escape without the hunter.

The last thing I did in this time was design the second level. For this level, we wanted to make use of all of the hunter’s and bear’s abilities while introducing enemies to the player. Here’s the level plan I made with some help from Vincent.



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