PPJ #2 – Kyle Fader

The past two weeks I have had my hand in quite a few things. They include more concepts for the UI, marketing, and a little bit of texturing.

This week, we want to implement the UI into the game so I have started making the individual buttons that will go on the start and pause menus. I finalized what we want the start screen and pause screens will to look like in Unity. I also brainstormed what the in-game UI would look like, as myself and Brodie are going to make that early this week. I want the in game UI to have a purpose, and not just clutter the screen up with unnecessary information that distracts the player/experience.


I am very intrigued with the marketing side of games, so in my free time this week I got a lot of marketing research in. I studied how similar games, both indie and triple AAA, games did in sales and reviews.

I spent some time in Mudbox. I haven’t used it in a couple months, so I wanted to refresh myself before I have to texture the Hunter. The Hunter is currently being rigged right now, so once he is all set I can start UVing, texturing, and animating!

I also set up our initial play test survey for our build last week. I made sure we were asking questions that made sense to a wide audience and also ask questions that could help our team as developers.



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