PPJ #2 – Cole

In the time since my last PPJ, a lot has happened! The game is progressing well, but it’s time to give it the final push it needs to get it ready. Since my last PPJ I’ve gotten a lot of programming done and added many of our core gameplay features.

Enemy AI – This was probably my biggest accomplishment of these last two weeks. To keep our project within scope, we decided on having only one enemy character — the wolf. This enemy is a proximity enemy: the level will start with the wolf sleeping in a start position. This will be it’s idle state. There is a red ring around the wolf that indicates its trigger. If either player character enters this ring, the wolf will wake up and attack! This is its attack state. The wolf is a navmesh agent, so once it attacks, it’ll follow the players around any obstacle until they exit the ring. Once both characters exit the ring, the wolf will slowly return to its original position. This is its return state. Once there, it will reenter its idle state.


The AI works well and I’m proud of how it came out. I’m extremely happy that I taught myself how to use navMesh agents. Now all to do is add animator prompts for wolf animations!


Climb / Swim – I also got both of the hunter and bears passive abilities implemented. Again, to keep with scope, we decided to give the hunter and bear one active and one passive ability each, at least for the prototype. The swim one was pretty easy, and so was the tree climbing in the end. The climbing took a bit more work, but works pretty well now. It’s a little finicky to try to get on the tree, but I think we need to move forward.



Controller Support – The game works with a controller now! I always felt that the controls on a keyboard felt a little wonky, so I spent some extra time giving our game support for the PS4 controller. It feels SO much better. I want to include xBox 360 support as well, but I don’t know if we have time to mess with cross-platform integration problems, so that’ll have to be on the back-burner for now.


Now, I want to focus entirely on implementing assets, no more gameplay programming. Especially for the alpha I want to have all models in with animations for AT LEAST the man. I want to have the UI (a draft) in by next week as well. Lvl 1 is coming along great, and we planned for 2 levels for the final, so I could see us potentially getting 4 levels if we keep a good pace.

I find myself getting pretty nervous about meeting deadlines, or if we’re doing enough, but I think we’re doing a great job keeping to our tasks so far. Hopefully we’ll keep at it.



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