PPJ #2 – Brodie

This last stretch of development has kept me busy. After getting most of the game’s environment and character concepts out of the way, the last thing that needed to be fleshed out other than gameplay was the game’s story. We already had a strong foundation that we had been building upon as a team since the beginning, and we had known for a while that we would present the game’s story primarily through an opening comic book-like cinematic of still images. One week of development was dedicated solely to designing the game’s introduction and making sure that the story we are trying to tell would come across clearly to the players.

Once the team was satisfied with the general layout of the opening cinematic, I moved on to creating the finalized images. Honestly, I somewhat underestimated how much time doing the shading and portraying somewhat accurate lighting was going to take me. At this point it shouldn’t take me more than a couple of more days to finish the rest of the intro, but I had planned on having it all done for this week. That said, I am glad that I’m taking my time with it so I can focus more on the image quality.


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