PPJ #1: Kyle Fader

These past few weeks, I believe as a team we had made a lot of headway in terms of creating our assets and getting the scripts to work. I mostly worked on modeling Rick the Hunter and making a couple different concepts for the start screen and pause menus.


I have never modeled a human character before, so I knew going in I would have to give myself more time for trial and error. I struggled with getting the model as low poly as we possible could. My first attempt, the model looked okay, but the body would have had weird distortions when animation rolled around. With my first attempt, I modeled each part of his body (arms, chest, and legs) as separate meshes, which was definitely the wrong way to approach. My attempts started to get much better until my final attempt seemed to work the best. All the proportions of the body seem like they won’t distort.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 11.00.47 PM.png

Weidi (thanks!!) helped me get the head modeled because I was struggling with it for a little bit. She killed it on the hair. I’m really happy with Hunter Rick! I am ready to start texturing him and can’t wait until he’s all rigged up and can start animating!



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