Brian Jackson: Production Journal 1

During these two weeks in production, I took it upon myself to work on some of the environment models you’ll be seeing around our game, as well as some models that will have interactions with our characters: the hunter and the bear.

The first models I created were some trees to spruce up the environment for some of our levels (no pun intended).

The third one was originally much more simple, but after looking at it when I finished the original model, I thought it could be a bit more intricate like the rest, so I added many layers to it, as you can see.

The next thing I did during this time was work on some of the rocks alongside Weidi, and begin modeling some bushes for this scene.

Once again, these models still came out with a very low polygon count, which is exactly the type of style we’re aiming for. I just took a cube in Maya and used the sculpt tool to make the designs not so uniform.

The last thing I did was create some of the more important assets that our characters will be interacting with using their abilities. Specifically, I made a barren tree which the hunter will climb, and a torch that the hunter can use in order to illuminate dark areas

I personally really like how the torch came out. The texture on the top of it was a ramp shader; a type of material that I’ve never used before. I loved how the gradient moved along with the camera angle, and thought it would be a great way to represent fire.


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