PPJ #1 – Cole

So I think we made really good progress these last two weeks. Even though we didn’t have class on Monday, I think everyone still worked as if we did. Our productivity and time-line seem like they’re still on track.

Personally, I think I got a lot done in terms of the build:

Character Controller – I think this is the most important addition I made. I got a brand new character controller with the switching and basic follow AI all set up! I actually modified Unity’s “Third Person” standard asset that is included in Unity 5 (which Brian told me about), so on top of having a working controller, we also have an animator set up!



It took some time to understand the script and the rotations of the characters in relation to the camera, but I eventually got it… for the most part. The switching was easy to add, but the following was much harder.

Ability 1 – Torch / Break – I also got started on programming the abilities for each character. I started with the easiest, which just so happens to be the two abilities that we all agree are the most important. The man spawns a light source (torch) for his ability, while the bear breaks down certain structures.

The torch is just a parented object the gets toggled on/off on button press.

The break was pretty simple. If the bear is a certain distance from the door and presses the ability button, the door will destroy. I will later on add a raycast to check if the bear is facing the door.

Camera Movement – The camera has been giving me some problems since the tech demo. We’ve decided on having a locked-perspective for each room/stage/puzzle, and that works fine for one axis. But as the player progresses the camera has to follow, so that’s one axis that has to move. And then I ran into the problem that, when the player enters an enclosed space, like a cave, they will need to be able to lower the camera to see. So that’s a second axis. Well, I made a script that allowed the player to change the camera angle within a certain range on the Z-axis, and for now that’s working pretty good. The next step is to make the camera move down if it angles up, so that the player is still in frame. Then I’ll just have to decide on a good control layout for camera movement.


Well, that’s pretty much the important stuff I did these two weeks. Next week I want to add two more abilities and implement all of the environment assets we have built! Lookin’ forward to it.



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